Cancellation & Refund

Read Cancellation & Refund Carefully

Cancellation & Refund

Please read these Cancellation & Refund Policy carefully.

Registration and Enrollment

The student acknowledges that enrollment in the RPA course is subject to availability and approval by the institute. Completion of enrollment requires the submission of necessary fees.

The institute retains the right to make enrollment decisions, with respect and consideration for each student.

Fees and Payments

The student agrees to fulfill all applicable fees for the selected course, as per the institute's fee schedule.

Payment is kindly requested by the specified deadline. In the event of challenges, we encourage open communication for possible arrangements. 

Refunds and Cancellations

The institute, while committed to providing quality education, understands unforeseen circumstances. However, we operate under a policy that necessitates careful consideration before enrolling, as fees once paid are non-refundable. 

Any changes to refund policies will be communicated transparently, and the institute may occasionally need to reschedule or cancel courses, with due notice to enrolled students.

Limitation of Liability

The institute aims to provide a positive and enriching learning experience. However, we kindly ask students to understand that, like any educational institution, we cannot be held liable for unforeseen circumstances.

Termination of Enrollment

The institute reserves the right to consider termination of enrollment in cases of non-compliance with terms, violation of the code of conduct, or non-payment of fees, with the intention of addressing concerns with understanding and fairness.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions are established within the framework of the laws of State of Maharashtra, with the hope that our students will appreciate the importance of adhering to these shared guidelines.

Any potential legal matters will be approached with a focus on amicable resolution through arbitration or a court of competent jurisdiction. 

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